A homeless person walks through a desolate Times Square during the Covid-19 lockdown which was imposed in March 2020. Fifteen months later tourists have returned to the area but in smaller numbers.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art along with all non-essential businesses was shuttered in early April 2020 during the lock down. One year later the Met welcomed back visitors but at a limited capacity.

Father Duffy Square, a popular hang out in Times Square, resembled a ghost town after tourists returned home in April 2020. It wasn't until October 2021 that the square once again teemed with life.

A crosswalk on 42nd Street was absent of people and traffic in April 2020. One year later, center photo, a handful of people and vehicles were present. By November 2021 tourists and workers alike filled the area.

An emergency field hospital is set up in Central Park adjacent to Mount Sinai Hospital to accommodate the overflow of Covid-19 patients as the infection rate soars in April 2020. One year later hospital staff enjoy their break in the same meadow.

Covid-19 related messages are written on the boarded-up windows of a clothing store in SoHo in May 2020. One year later the store is open and wearing masks outdoors was no longer mandated.

Chinatown went from abandoned streets and shuttered businesses in 2020 to being fully reopen by the spring of 2021.

During the first days of lock down Grand Central Station stood empty. It wasn’t until over a year and a half that activity returned to the world-famous landmark though it wasn’t as busy as it had been in 2019.

During lock down Midtown and its tourists attractions, such as St. Patrick's Cathedral, were completely abandoned. One year later the cathedral's doors were open but with the lack of tourists it stood mostly empty. Come summertime, however, visitor began returning to the area.

The famous Charging Bull, a symbol of New York’s financial district and a tourist attraction, stood among the empty streets in May 2020. One year later the returning tourists line up to have their pictures taken with the iconic statue.

The hot dog cart stationed in front of the Metropolitan Museum seen during and one year following the lock down.