An impromptu performance of "Carmen" takes place at Lincoln Center where 88 pianos have been gathered at the conclusion of the Sing for Hope pop-up piano project. Artist-designed pianos were place throughout the city in public spaces and parks and made available for public use over the course of two weeks.

Riverside Park, Upper West Side

Seniors from the Shore Road Community Center engage in a sing-along in Brooklyn.

Monifiore Square, Washington Heights

Tompkins Square Park

Dumbo Arch, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Coney Island Boardwalk

Times Square

In Soho a player piano performs requests that are sent through Twitter.

Orchard Beach, Bronx

Tappen Park, Staten Island

Keys that were damaged by rain are repaired at Soundview Park, Bronx.

People come to Lincoln Center to play, listen and view the 88 pianos that were brought here at the conclusion of the two-week project.

A technician retro-fits a player piano with computer circuits.

An artist writes a secret message on the underside of a piano which is destined for a playground.

A worker passes by a piano that awaits loading.

A piano is delivered in Times Square.






Movers lift a 500-pound-plus piano into place in Gantry Park, Queens.






A piano is wheeled through Juniper Valley Park in Queens.